Patient Participation Group and Survey Results

The practice has a patient participation group. If you wish to contact one of the members of the group or become involved, please ask at reception.

Simmondley Medical Practice has had an active patient participation group (PPG) since 2004. It has met regularly with representatives from the practice to discuss ways of improving facilities at the practice, the results of national patient surveys & to fund raise for local charities & to provide items for the surgery, such as the outside notice board & the parking notices.

Chairman’s Review of Year 2019

Yet again Simmondley PPG members have been busy both within our own meetings and within the wider local neighbourhood and community. Holding five scheduled PPG meetings with other interim sessions in between.

A quick look back at the year: 

·      What has become the traditional Simmondley PPG Christmas Raffle held in conjunction with Simmondley Medical Practice staff was again successful, the sole beneficiary being The Thursday Group who hold gatherings for people suffering from dementia and similar presenting illness. They provide familiar and safe environments for both sufferers and their carer’s, to try new things and work together. They really appreciated the donation of £250 and provided a treat in the manner of a social event for their group and sent us photos of the gathering, to affirm their thanks. As always, many thanks to everyone who got involved and to those who donated prizes and sold tickets.

·      Christmas Drop In - Last Christmas saw a new venture provided by the PPG which was financially supported By Dr Jha. Members of the PPG worked hard to provide an afternoon drop in. Cake, nibbles and drinks were served allowing patents to come and share some Christmas cheer, some children from the local school attended and for something new it was well attended. Thanks to all involved.

·      NAPP – Membership continued, regular ebulletins have been circulated for members benefit.

·      Friends and Family:

o   Friends and Family has been an ongoing survey for the practice for many years and is likely to see some changes next year according to NHS England. Many thanks to Mike, Sue and Yvonne for the data collation and for their regular updates and maintenance of website showing the results obtained.

o   The recurrence of the request for a baby changing facility had been highlighted as part of the Friends and Family feedback, this year saw the installation of the new facility in the accessible toilet. Thanks to the practice for listening and actioning. 

o   As usual there have been a few non-favourable comments made on the feedback, but a very high percentage of patients are very pleased with the service they receive at Simmondley Medical Practice. It was decided that any comments pertaining to an individual good or bad should be fed back to the practice to allow for appropriate action, although names would continue not be published on the website.

·      The GDPR policy agreed and adopted last year was validated at the AGM.

·      The Confidentiality Statement agreed last year has been reviewed and is deemed appropriate.

·      Lesley has continued to provide regular feedback from the PNG giving insight in its involvement in the local community and suggestions continue to travel back and forth between the PNG and the PPG to help shape the way forward for the local patients of Glossop. Thank you, Lesley

·      Bureau updates and details on how its evolving continue to be received at the PPG meetings, information on how they can help support the practice have been divulged. Thanks to Charlotte and Lesley 

·      PPG Awareness Week – 10th to 15th June. 

o   Posters were generated and placed on the local FB pages and were put up in and around the practice. Dr Jha provided a personal message from himself and on behalf of practice to the patent’s which was included in the posters and handouts.

o   Members of the PPG went in to talk with patients in the waiting room to enlighten them as to who we are and what we do and to pass out handouts. This was met with mixed response from the patients.

·      Ian looked up Simmondley Medical Practice on the NHS GP Patient Survey 2019, Simmondley is ranked 705 (out of 6,859 surgeries in England) [3,779 patients as at 1 August 2019] Something to be very proud of as a Practice being only just outside the top 10% of practices. 

      Lastly, I just wish to thank all members of the PPG and SMP staff for their support both within our own PPG and the local community. All our members are volunteers and continue to dedicate time and effort into helping shape the future of our health providers.


Click here to download a copy of the Chairman's Review of Year 2019 (.pdf 50KB)

Click here to download a copy of the Chairman's Review of Year 2018 (.pdf 35KB)

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Patient Surveys


Click here to download the Friends and Family Test – Results Aug 2020 - Oct 2020 (PDF 122KB)

Click here to download the Friends and Family Test – Results May 2020 - July 2020 (PDF 112KB)

Click here to download the Friends and Family Test – Results Feb 2020 - Apr 2020 (PDF 138KB)

Click here to download an extract from NHS England and NHS Improvement changes to FFT due 1 April 2020



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